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Welcome to the Information Outreach Forum of the USGBC LEED TSAC PVC Task Group.

The Task Group is using this interactive website as a way to transparently reach out to the full stakeholder community with very focused information requests.
Each information request will reside on its own web page, accessible in a link that will be listed near the top and at the base of this page.
Each information request page will contain the information request written by a Task Group member, and a response forum.

Anyone who registers and then logs into this website will be able to post information offerings to the information request, by typing them directly into the response forum. Information offerings will be visible on the web page, which ensures full transparency. Please keep responses concise, thanks.

While all information offerings will be automatically posted immediately on the web page, registered users can also subscribe to any one or more of the forum topics, by clicking on "subscribe" at the bottom of the relevant page. When a new offering is added in a forum to which you have subscribed, you will receive an email containing the offering. You can un-subcribe at any time, from one or more of the forum topics.

We hope that this information outreach forum will, like the stakeholder input which has already been received on the first draft of the PVC TG report, help improve the quality of the final report.

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